How to Setup IPTV on MAG with M3U url?

MAG with M3U

In this tutorial, we will show you how to bring IPTV channels to your MAG 4XX and 5XX device (MAG410, MAG420, MAG425, MAG500, MAG520, MAG524, etc.).

Note: IPTV providers do not support MAG 4XX and 5XX portal systems and this configuration is an alternative solution to bring IPTV to your MAG box.

Setup IPTV on MAG Box ?

How to set IPTV to MAG with M3U url?

Step 1: Download the M3U URL provided by the IPTV provider.

Step 2: Copy/paste this static M3U file onto a USB storage.

Step 3: Insert the USB storage into your MAG.

MAG avec M3U

Step 4: Once the MAG box displays the login screen, click [Embedded Portal].

Step 5: Click Home Media.

Step 6: Scroll down and click on your USB.

Step 7: Locate and click the M3U file in the USB storage.

Click on “Open”.

Step 8: A window will appear indicating * Open playlist * Now use F3 (yellow button on remote).

Step 9: The m3u file is added to the IPTV section of the Media Home section.

Step 10: Use the “Back” button to return to the portal page and the “IPTV channels”

Now everything is ready to start watching live TV…

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